Mediterranean Style Pilsner

Mediterranean Style Pilsner

ABV: 4.7%
IBU’S: 37

Tasting Notes

straw colored, spicy, crisp


In collaboration with our friends at Latona Pub, we looked to parts of Europe on the Mediterranean Sea for ingredients and inspiration. We found barley grown in Italy and hops from Slovenia to make this more southerly European Pilsner. Using Weyermann’s Italian grown Pilsner malt lends a straw color and a grassy, honey sweetness. The Slovenian hops Bobeck and Celia give this Pilsner a firm bitterness and a lovely spicy, herbal and citrus peel flavor and aroma. If you’re a fan of our regular Pilsner this variation will be a sure fire hit!

Food Pairing

This beer is terrific with any Mediterranean style foods including pastas, roasted meats and salads. Fresh salmon and any other fish would be delicious with this variation of Pilsner.


Bright Straw

Spicy, Floral


Citrus, Herbal, Grassy

Bobeck & Celia

Italian Grown

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