Willis Helles Lager

Pale Blonde

Willis Helles Lager

ABV: 5% IBU’S: 20

Tasting Notes

Golden, malty, bready, fruity, restrained bitterness


Will (Willis) Kemper created the original Thomas Kemper Helles back in 1984 using a special yeast that imparted a blueberry-like aroma and flavor to the traditional style of Helles Lager. As an ode to his original brewery brewmaster Will and his brew team at Chuckanut have brought back this unusual Helles as a special beer in honor of 10 years of award winning Chuckanut beers at the brewery he co-owns with wife Mari. The yeast has been brought over from the London yeast bank in England, where the original yeast was found over 34 years ago!

Food Pairing

Delicate fish pairs well with Willis Helles.  Fish & Chips along with Fried Chicken will work wonderfully too.  The malt flavor of the beer works very well with Thai dishes, and bring on the fresh vegetable salads as they will shine with the brightness slight fruitiness of the unusual rendition of Helles!


Bright Golden

Blueberries & Malt


Refreshing, light & fruity


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