Smoke Porter Ale

Smoke Porter Ale

OG: 12.5 Plato
ABV: 4.8%
IBU’S: 27

Tasting Notes

Chocolate, restrained smokiness, toffee, and smooth


Rich chocolate malt pairs with  smoked malt ending with a round toffee finish. This is a lightly smoked rendition of a Robust  Porter. Chuckanut Smoke Porter carries the roasted malt and smoky flavor with grace with an easy smooth finish. Great on any cold, wet NW day!

Food Pairing

Chuckanut Porter is very versatile with food.  Creamy sauces are a great match for porter with its dark roasted flavor and smoky aroma. Plenty of roast in the porter is picked up from the char flavor of grilling, whether it’s vegetables or meats they all team up fabulously with Chuckanut Smoke Porter.  Hamburgers are perfect with a Smoke Porter!


Dark Brown

Slightly Smoky


Full Flavored


Clean, Smooth Finish

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