Nutty Sisters collaboration

Nutty Sisters

ABV: 4.2%
IBU’S: 30

Tasting Notes

Amber, bready, American hop aroma


The creation of Nutty Sisters is a collaborative effort made at Chuckanut with the newly created Twin Sisters Brewing in Bellingham. This ale is a melding of a British Special Bitter style with an American Session IPA. The malt profile mirrors the classic English bitter style with its slight caramel sweetness but the hop biterrness has substantial aroma from the American hops and the IPA style. This mix of British and American styles makes for a super flavorful beer!

Food Pairing

Nutty sisters is great with pizzas! The breadiness of the beer and the crunchy toasted crust match perfectly. Or you might like it with any type of sausages, especially bangers and mash!


Light Amber

malt & hops


Medium body




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