Nuts of Wrath Collab

Nuts of Wrath Collab

ABV: 6.2%
IBU’S: 46

Tasting Notes

Dark, big, flavorful, malty


We teamed up with Grains of Wrath Brewing in Camas, WA to make this great winter time lager. Nuts of Wrath is an Export Kulmbacher style developed from a German Franconian recipe in the late 1800’s before the rise of Pilsner. Our rendition can be described as: big bitter Dunkel, Imperial Schwarzbier or a super hoppy Bock. In other words, Nuts of Wrath is a dark, malty and bitter lager  filled with generous amounts of Munich & Carafa malts that balance a large helping of German noble Hallertau Tradition and Mittlefruh hops. Notes of dark bread, dark fruit and molasses up front followed by a strong bitterness punches the palate at the end. Strong and bold we hope you enjoy this old time lager on a cold winter’s evening.

Food Pairing

With its bold flavors drink this lager with heavy foods to balance the weight of the beer. Roast meats, creamy sauces, lots of lamb dishes and beef would be the perfect accompaniment to a pint of Nuts of Wrath.



Roasted Malt & Dark Fruits


Dark Bread & Hoppy



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