Mexican Style Lager

Mexican Lager

Mexican Style Lager

OG: 10.5 Plato
ABV: 4.3%
IBU’S: 17

Tasting Notes

Light Golden, crisp, balanced, light body, refreshing


Chuckanut’s Mexican Style Lager is a traditional Mexican style beer the color of sunshine with a light body, slightly bready malt flavor and thirst quenching finish. What makes this Mexican Style beer special is the use of NW grown and malted Alba barley straight from Skagit Valley! The Skagit Valley maltsters have malted this barley a special light color just for Chuckanut to use in order to create this typical Mexican, light colored, low alcohol lager. We hope it brings visions of sunshine and warmth on a cold day! Try it with a slice of lime to add a bit of fruitiness on the palette.

Food Pairing

Chuckanut’s Mexican Style lager is similar but fresher than other Mexican style beers in the US. It goes without saying that this beer goes great with any Mexican food but think about enjoying it with any spicy food or salads.


Light Golden

Fresh Cut Grass


Easy Drinking




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