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Vienna Lager

Light Bronze, malty, toasty, toffeeish, crisp finish

British Brown Ale

British Brown Ale

Brown, caramelized, fruity, light chocolate, nutty, dry

Irish Dry Stout Ale

Black, roasty, coffee tones, balanced, full flavored, quaffable

Rauch Marzen Lager

Balanced smoky flavors and aromatics, rich, slightly caramelized

Helles Lager

Golden, medium body, malty, bready, easy finish

Dunkel Lager

Dark, malty, juicy, bready, slight chocolate, moderate bitterness

Schwarz Lager

Black, bitter chocolate, dry, and smooth

Bock Lager

Bock Lager

Dark, strong, malty, toffeeish, full bodied

British IPA

British IPA

Amber, strong, dry, hop bitterness and aroma

Pale Blonde

Fest Bier

Golden, crisp, rich malt, balanced


Golden, dry, sharply bitter, noble, flowery, snappy

Kolsch Horiz

Kölsch German Ale

Very pale gold, lightly fruity, effervescent, intense clarity

Alt German Ale

Deep bronze, zesty hop, snappy bitterness, full malt flavor

Smoke Porter

Dark brown, chocolaty, slight smoky aroma, full flavored

Yellow Card Golden Ale

Filtered American Wheat

Golden, light bodied, bright, quaffable, Skagit Malts

Robust Porter Ale

Dark brown, chocolate, full-flavored, smooth

Baltic Porter Lager

Dark brown, chocolaty, full flavored, smooth

Skagit Blonde

Skagit Blonde Ale

light yellow, crisp, 100% Skagit Malts, balanced

Marzen Lager

Deep golden color, complex malts, medium body

Rauch Helles Lager

Golden, bready, light, smoky, balanced smokiness

Mexican Lager

Mexican Style Lager

Straw colored, light body, Skagit Valley alba malt, refreshing

Maibock Lager

Deep golden, strong, malt forward, full-bodied

Bock Lager

Doppelbock Lager

Brown, chocolate, toffee, dried stone fruits

Export Stout

Black, roasty, coffee tones, full flavored

Nut Burst Lager

Light golden, creamy white head, tropical fruit notes

British IPA

Old Fest

Amber, malty, dry finish, toasty, balanced

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