Kölsch German Ale

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Kölsch German Style Ale

OG: 11 Plato ABV: 4.5% IBU’S: 20

Tasting Notes

Gentle, complex undertones of malt, refreshing


Kölsch German Style Ale  is made exclusively in the city of Cologne, Germany. Kölsch is a blonde, top fermented ale brewed from pilsner malt. Bitterness is restrained, and the palate is light-bodied and dry with a soft malt flavor in the center giving way to a dry finish. Kölsch has won 3 Gold GABF awards and 2 World Beer Cup medals!


Great American Beer Fest (GABF): Gold 2011, Silver 2012, Gold 2015, Gold 2017

World Beer Cup: Silver 2012, Gold 2018

North American Beer Awards (NABA): Gold 2011, Silver 2012, Gold 2014, Silver 2015

WA Beer Awards (WABA): Gold 2014, Gold 2015, Silver 2017, Gold 2019

Food Pairing

Kölsch German Style Ale is terrific with salads, cheese ­(goat cheese pie), and delicate dishes. A great paring for shellfish or fish the light fruity flavors of the beer work well with citrus based preparations. Kölsch is a team player with sandwiches and wraps.


Golden Straw

Slight Fruitiness


A Little Too Quaffable




Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

Closed Thanksgiving North & South
Closing Early December 8 at 3 pm North & South for Staff Party
Closing Early December 24 at North Nut: 3 pm for Food/ 5 pm for Bar
Closed December 24 at South Nut
Closed December 25 North & South for Christmas
Open Regular Hours December 26
Open Regular Hours December 31 & January 1

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