Export Stout

Export Stout

OG: 16.2 Plato
ABV: 6.6%
IBU’S: 40

Tasting Notes

Black, dark chocolate, molasses, dried fruit


The descendant of the Porter our version is the Export Stout, stronger than an Irish Stout but does not have the strength of the Imperial. Reminiscent of Export Stouts enjoyed in the tropics after a long voyage from England, this one has notes of dried fruit and molasses followed by a rounded malt finish.

Food Pairing

Versatile with food Export Stouts are wonderful with rich and salty foods. There are few things that work better than a Reuben and a pint of Export Stout. Bring on any roasted meats for the perfect match!



Dried Fruits, Molasses


Malt, Dark Chocolate

Balanced Bitterness

Rich, dried fruits

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