ChuckaReuben Ale

ChuckaReuben Ale

ABV: 4.2%
IBU’S: 21

Tasting Notes

Light golden, lemony, honey malt, light body


The Bellingham Beer Prom is coming and we asked Seattle Reuben’s Brews to be our date. This collaboration beer is made for us to bring to the prom with our date. It’s a lemony ale using honey malt, reminiscent of lemondade, and dry hopped with Lemondrop. The body is a golden ale that’s hopped with Lorel and Cashmere, new varietal hops from WA state. We think it will be the perfect date beer!

Food Pairing

Grilled cheese sandwiches, especially with tomatoes, are very good with golden ales like the ChuckaReuben. This style of ale is hard to beat at lunchtime, they seem to be ready to handle almost any sandwich. If you want to up scale your ChuckaReuben Ale enjoy it with any of our seafood specials.


Light Golden

Lemon and malt


Smooth lemon honey flavors



Honey Malt

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