Bohemian Pils

Bohemian Pils

OG: 14 Plato
ABV: 5.8%
IBU’S: 39

Tasting Notes

Golden, dry, bitter, saaz hop, refreshing


Chuckanut Brewery’s genuine Bohemian Pilsner uses floor malted Czech malts and traditional Czech Hops!

Pilsner, the world’s most popular style of beer, was invented in Czech Bohemia, perfected in Germany, and turned into flavorless mass-market fizz in America.  Chuckanut’s Genuine Pilsner is a thing of beauty; it is delicate, sharp, flavorful, aromatic, and appetizing.  While most people think pilsner came from Germany, its origins actually come from Bohemia.  In 1842, a Bavarian consultant smuggled lager yeast from Munich to the Bohemian town of Pils.  He used the lager yeast with British malting techniques to craft an even lighter malt, and develop a beer golden in color.  The monk’s Pilsner Beer grabbed people’s attention and changed the world of beer.  It had the color of burnished gold, and light sparkled straight through the glass, as no one had ever seen before.  Pilsner’s cold fermentation leaves the beer clear and bright after its long aging process. High levels of natural carbonation in Chuckanut Bohemian Pils result from a long aging process, creating a pillowy white head on top of the golden liquid.  People at the time were captivated, and word of the new golden pilsner beer raced past the borders of Bohemia and swept throughout Europe.  Chuckanut Brewery’s genuine Bohemian Pilsner uses floor malted Czech malts and traditional Czech hops! This is a new Pilsner brewed by Chuckanut to be served in Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle

Food Pairing

Pilsner’s bitterness cuts through spices.  The malt marries into the dish, while cooling the fire of Thai and Vietnamese dishes.  True Pilsner likes Indian and Caribbean dishes as well.  Crab, clams, shrimp, oysters, and lobster are accentuated, their flavors punched up by the opposing blast.  Rich fish such as salmon like Pilsner.  Ham in general works well, prosciutto in particular.  Ham and cheese sandwiches or croquet monsieur with pilsner is delicious.





Dry, Bitter

Saaz Hop


Crisp Finish

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