10 Degree Pils

10 Degree Pils (collab)

ABV: 4%
IBU’S: 37

Tasting Notes

Golden, dry, bitter, saaz hop, refreshing


Chuckanut Brewery’s 10 Degree Pils is a collaboration with past Chuckanut brewer Kevin Davey now from Wayfinder (Portland, OR). This Czech style is a refreshing light bodied, plain and simple lager.

10 Degree Pils refers to the original gravity (Plato) of this light weight beer with a low alcohol ABV. The style is a type of Bohmemian Czech Pils popular in bars and restaurants across the country. Burnished gold and sparkling straight through the glass, this Pils goes through cold fermentation leaving the beer clear and bright after its long aging process. High levels of natural carbonation in Chuckanut’s 10 Degree Pils results from a long aging process, creating a pillowy white head on top of the golden liquid. Chuckanut Brewery’s genuine Czech style 10 Degree Pils uses floor malted Czech malts and traditional Czech hops!

Food Pairing

Pilsner’s bitterness cuts through spices.  The malt marries into the dish, while cooling the fire of Thai and Vietnamese dishes.  True Pilsner likes Indian and Caribbean dishes as well.  Crab, clams, shrimp, oysters, and lobster are accentuated, their flavors punched up by the opposing blast.  Ham and cheese sandwiches or croquet monsieur with pils is delicious.





Dry, Bitter

Saaz Hop


Crisp Finish

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