Baltic Porter Lager

Baltic Porter Lager

OG: 20.5 Plato
ABV: 8.2%
IBU’S: 35

Tasting Notes

Deep garnet in color, rich, malty, very smooth lager


Originated in the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, this beer was influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts and British Porters. A very smooth lagered beer with the character of roast malt and dark sugar flavors. Fruity from the higher alcohol, full bodied, and a low hop bitterness adds to the complex tastes of the Baltic Porter. Hints of dark fruit flavors, port like flavors, coffee, and raisins Chuckanut Baltic Porter is mouth-filling and very easy to drink due to its lager yeast and cold fermentation.

Food Pairing

The caramelized malt flavors will latch onto similar flavors in roasted meats such as chicken and pork sausages making the Baltic Porter a very good partner. Malt sweetness gives this beer a special ability to handle dishes with spicy and sweet elements. Try it with our Thai Sweet Chili Chicken salad, you may be surprised how easy both the dish and the beer go down! Great with our Yamburrito, you’ll find the sweetness of the yam is a great match with the sweetness of the Baltic Porter. And of course, don’t forget to match our Chuckanut Baltic Porter with any of our Chocolate desserts for a taste treat!


Deep Garnet



Full Bodied

Low Hop

Smooth Finish

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